A set of works on construction and commissioning of own "Vorotsiv" ground solar power plant with a capacity of 3,201 kW with the connection to 10 kV power networks of "Lvivoblenergo" PJSC was performed.

The power plant is located in the Village of Vorotsiv of Lviv Region.

8 km of 10 kV overhead power line and 3 package 10/0.6 kV transformer substations were built and a KRUN-10kV cell was mounted on the Stradch PS-35/10kV substation for the purpose of delivering the power plant's power to the general network.

The generating equipment consists of 22 pc 125kW Conext CL-125PV inverters manufactured by Schneider Electric and 11,640 pc 275W TSM-275 PE05A solar panels manufactured by Trina Solar.

Construction was completed in May 2019. The sale of electricity at the feed-in tariff began on July 24, 2019.