A set of works on construction and commissioning of a rooftop solar power station with a capacity of 980.1 kW with the connection to own 0.4 kV power networks was performed.

The station is located on the roof of the building of the "Lviv ATP-14631" LLC at the following address: the City of Lviv, 10 Plastova Str.

Reconstruction of a 6/0.4 kV transformer substation (TP-1209) was performed for the purpose of delivering the power plant's power to the general network.

The generating equipment consists of 13 pc 66kW Conext CL-60E inverters manufactured by Schneider Electric and 3,630 pc 270W CHSM6610P-270W solar panels manufactured by Astroenergy.

The sale of electricity at the feed-in tariff began on June 1, 2019.