A set of works on construction and commissioning of a facade- and roof-based solar panel system with a capacity of 220.27 kW with the connection to 0.4 kV power networks of the main consumer was performed.

The solar panels are mounted on the roof and facade of the building of "CONCERN GALNAFTOGAZ" PJSC, located at the following address: the City of Lviv, 72 Heroyiv UPA Str.

The generating equipment consists of 5 pc 36kW SUN2000-36KTL inverters manufactured by Huawei and 432 pc 300W AS-6M30-AT-300W solar panels manufactured by Amerisolar, 168 pc 270W JAP60S01-270/SC solar panels manufactured by JA Solar, and 394 pc 115W AS-6M12-AT-115W glass panels for facades, manufactured by Amerisolar.

The sale of electricity at the feed-in tariff began on December 20, 2019