In 2015, works were performed on the installation and setup of a waste water heat recovery system in the building of the Med-Palace Medical Center, located at the following address: the Town of Truskavets, 3b Yu. Drohobycha Str.
The scheme of the system provides for:

  • collection of effluents in an intermediary pool with the size of 17 cubic meters
  • primary heat recovery takes place in the pool through a network of polyethylene pipelines (1,200 m long), filled with heat-transfer medium and placed in the pool. Circulation of the heat-transfer medium in the pipelines is provided by circulating pumps of "NIBE" F1345 heat pumps
  • "NIBE" F1345 heat pumps convert low-potential energy of the heat-transfer medium into a heat-transfer medium with a temperature of 55 degrees with its subsequent accumulation in accumulator capacities (2,000 l)
  • the heat produced is used to heat water

The average hourly heat production in the period from 8:30 to 18:00 is about 165 kW.

In the operating mode the system is controlled by the controllers of "NIBE" F1345 heat pumps and additional automatic control elements.