PE “Oliyar”


A package of works relating to external electric power supply to the oil press facility in the village of Stavchany, Pustomyty district, Lviv region, and connecting it to the electric power supply network of SRSA “Lviv Railway”: design, feasibility study, approvals and permits, supply of equipment, installation of:

  • т""Stavchany"" ПС-35/10 transformer substation with ТМН-6300/35-У1 transformer, ЗРУ-35 kV indoor switchgear with TG21-14-36 cubicles manufactured by Elimsan (Turkey), ЗРУ-10 kV indoor switchgear with KM-1a cubicles manufactured by PE ""Art-Energo"";
  • 35 kV cable line from the ""Sknyliv"" traction substation, РУ-35 kV switchgear, to ЗРУ-35 kV indoor switchgear of the ""Stavchany"" ПС-35/10 substation, cable 3хАПвЗгаП 1x120/35 mm with the length of over 11.5 km. Over 1,200 m of this cable line goes though perforations of different diameter made by directional horizontal drilling
  • Two 10 kV cable lines from the РУ-10 kV switchgear of the 35/10 ""Stavchany"" substation to the РП-7 distribution substation, cable ААБл-10-Зх240 mm2 with the length of over 2,350 m;
  • Vacuum breaker of ВБ4-П-35-25/630 У1 type at the ""Sknyliv"" traction substation, busbar and line disconnectors of РДЗ-2-35/1000 type, manufactured by JSC ""AVM Amper"", 35 kV 150/5 current transformers of CTSO 38 type, installation and adjustment of ASCAEP (Automated system of commercial accounting of electric power), commissioning, putting into operation.