The comprehensive implementation of power supply projects of any level of complexity would be impossible without PE Art-Energo's design team that consists of six highly qualified young professionals with relevant certificates. The Design Department offers the following services in the field of design:

  • Pre-design energy consulting;
  • Energy audit;
  • Development of a feasibility study and calculation of different options for arrangement of internal and external power supply;
  • Obtaining specifications for power supply from the licensees of the power market;
  • Development of TOR for design works;
  • Definition of the stages of project documentation;
  • Preparation of design estimates;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Field supervision;
  • Analysis and adaptation of designs by foreign companies to the applicable Ukrainian regulations;
  • Obtaining approvals for the project documentation from all licensing authorities;
  • Support during the expert examination of the project;
  • Development of design documentation:
    • Construction and reconstruction of the DS TS of 0.4-750 kV
    • Cable and overhead power transmission lines of 0.4-750 kV
    • Relay protection and emergency control automation of electrical installations
    • Automated accounting of electric power (ASCAEP)
    • Power supply dispatch control
    • Energy efficiency and power quality measures
    • Power equipment for buildings and structures
    • Outdoor and indoor lighting
    • Lightning protection and earthing devices of electrical equipment in buildings and structures
    • Alternative energy sources

Owing to well-coordinated work of the company's engineers from the Design and Production & Engineering departments, we ensure the timely commissioning of facilities and preparation of a complete package of licenses, approvals, design estimates and technical documentation required for signing a contract for power supply or generation.

The significant projects executed by PE Art-Energo's design team include:

  1. “Connecting a 50.4 MW wind power farm of Oriv WPF LLC in the village of Oriv, Skole district, Lviv region, to the electric power networks of SRSA Lviv Railway” (customer: Oriv WPF LLC)
  2. “Construction and erection of a 110 kV overhead transmission line of main power supply to provide external electric power supply for the "Kovel" traction substation. Adjustment” (customer: SRSA Lviv Railway)
  3. “Reconstruction of the external electric power supply, in particular moving the TP-1216 transformer substation located at 1 Lesya Ukrainka Str., Lviv” (customer: Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre)
  4. “Sambir Solar Power Plant in the village of Ralivka, Sambir district, Lviv region. External electric power networks.” (customers: Sambir Solar Power Plant-1 LLC and Sambir Solar Power Plant-2 LLC)
  5. “Reconstruction of electric power networks of SRSA Lviv Railway, external electric power supply from the point of power transmission to the point of connection of Berehove Grain Receiving Enterprise LLC in the village of Batiovo, Berehove district, Transcarpathian region” (customer: Berehove Grain Receiving Enterprise LLC)