Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

In many developed countries alternative energy has already ceased to be “alternative”. In Germany, solar power accounts for over 5% of all the power generated in the country; about 30% of Iceland's energy needs are covered by alternative sources; in Denmark, 30% of its population's power consumptions is covered by wind farms; more than 6% of Italy's electric power is generated by solar power plants while wind power accounts for another 11%. In our country, alternative energy market is only beginning to emerge. The Art-Energo company develops reliable package solutions for solar and wind power engineering and proposes implementation of joint projects for construction of “green” power stations to generate electricity and sell it at the green tariff.

As its share in the business, Art Energo commits to performing all the range of related works and providing full documentary support for connecting a solar power plant to the electrical grid.

Generation of electric power using solar radiation and wind energy allows us to sell it on the energy market at the green tariff until 31.12.2029, as regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Electric Power Industry” and Ordinance No. 2043 of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, dd. 20.07.2015.

The green tariff for industrial ground-mounted solar power plants is:

  • € 0.16/kW, when built in 2016
  • €0.15/kW, when built in 2017–2019

The green tariff for industrial rooftop photovoltaic power stations is:

  • €0.172/kW, when built in 2016
  • €0.163/kW, when built in 2017–2019

The green tariff for industrial wind farms is:

  • €0.11/kW, when built in 2016–2019

The construction cost per 1 kW of installed capacity is € 830 for ground-mounted and € 890 for rooftop solar power systems and € 1250 for wind farms. Investment in solar and wind energy pays back within 5–6 years.

Building with Art-Energo you only pay 80% of the project implementation costs, while 20% is paid by Art-Energo as its share in the project.

After an investor has built a power plant, in order to become entitled to the green tariff he has to go through a series of bureaucratic procedures under the applicable laws of Ukraine.

Art Energo undertakes to obtain all the necessary permits and procedural documents.

In addition to the solar power plant you will receive a full package of documents required for its operation.

Art-Energo will provide maintenance and bear all costs of maintenance and repair labour throughout the period of operation of the solar power plants.